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    DUST was commissioned by the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble as part of their Winter "Coffee House" Concert to benefit the victims of the events of September 11, 2001. The work derives its title from my experience of flying into New York City two weeks after the Twin Towers fell. It was night, and the spotlights representing the two towers were lit. The lights reflected the still remaining dust in the air from the buildings’ destruction. I will never forget that image.

    While no words can ever sufficiently encompass all the emotions and thoughts we all have surrounding this day, this short duo tries simply to create a musical offering for all of those lives affected by this moment. A special thanks goes to Steven Klimowski and Bonnie Thurber Klimowski for their input in the composition of this work. Other thanks go to The MacDowell Colony for their support of this project.

    For clarinet in Bb and cello
    Commissioned by Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble;
    Premiered Springfield, VT - February 2002

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