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    BEGIN is a work for classical guitar ensemble. It is dedicated to the memory of Jorge Liderman, a renowned composer and beloved colleague who also played the classical guitar. The work gets its name from the way the sections of the piece interact with one another. Although the harmonic material remains almost the same, the development of it changes in such a way that each succeeding portion sounds like a new ‘beginning’. This is an homage to Jorge’s music, which always surprised one with the endings never sounding like predictable endings. Jorge also enjoyed music with a relentlessness and harmonic intensity, joking that my music was sometimes too ‘beautiful’. As an acknowledgement to his sentiments I try to give the material some ruggedness and get rid of the polished shine, so to speak. It is all exposed for the listener to explore and figure out. Thanks goes to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for the funding of this work. Finally, a special thanks goes to David Tanenbaum for giving me inspiration to write this piece. Without him, this piece would not have come to fruition.



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